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Avocado is your financial data workshop.

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Leverage backtesting strategies, historical data, 12-hour crypto market reports and more to seek alpha in cryptocurrency markets. Avocado is an institutional-grade data platform that provides your organization with a deeper dive into crypto markets to see through the noise. Avocado is provided by Proof Suite, your trusted partner in blockchain analytics and decentralized exchange development.

Avocado was built with leading cryptocurrency asset managers to create a standardized platform for understanding and executing in crypto markets.

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12-hour Reports

Every 12 hours, receive a cryptocurrency report developed by our network of analysts around the world. See the latest report here. Our reports analyze arbitrage opportunities and more.

Cross-Exchange Data

Binance, Coinbase, Bithumb, Bittrex, Poloniex, and more. See orderbook, historical and live data across exchanges. Use Avocado's advanced indicator charting tools to see further.

Strategy Backtesting

Williams %R, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Band, and more. Backtest using popular indicators across cryptocurrency assets to develop your own strategies using our easy-to-read visualization tools.

Sentiment Analysis

Get insights into what crypto investment social groups are chatting about. Furthermore, leverage our sentiment tools to get an overview on crypto markets from various sources.

Insights That Matter

See the biggest market shifts

Avocado brings you deeper insights into cryptocurrency markets. Leverage Avocado's backtesting, correlation, sentiment analysis, cross-exchange historical data, and powerful commands to fuel your trade operation.

New commands and features are added on a weekly basis, making Avocado the leading crypto analysis platform.

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Check out a few of the interesting commands in Avocado, meet the team, and join us on the journey via our latest Youtube uploads.

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